Road Speed Limiters

Speed Limiters are now mandatory for all mini passenger buses in UAE. Call us for a free quote now!

autograde safedrive speedlimiter


Autograde DASS-86 is a microcontrol based electronic device, which reads the input from speed sensor and switches a fuel control soleniod valve proportional to the vehicle speed resulting in the control of speed to desirable levels. The speed can be programmed using a hand held programming device (SID).

Features of DASS-86:

  • Prevents over speeding
  • Reduces pollution
  • Better vehicle control
  • Enhanced engine life
  • Maintenance free
  • Ideal for all climatic conditions
  • Saves fuel
  • autograde safedrive speedlimiter

    Safe Drive

    Autograde ‘Safe Drive’ pedal interface is a simple and cost effective way to control speed in electronically managed engines.

    The one device fits all vehicles which have an electronically controlled accelerator pedal.

    Features of Safe Drive:

  • Engine speed regulation
  • Road speed limiter
  • Vehicle speed based engine RPM control
  • Automatic variable speed control

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